Some town names in Monmouth & Ocean Counties have some very interesting origins and we're going to test you on a few of them.

Some of these clues are theories on how the name of the town came to be, and others are just a breakdown of the name itself. Try to do this without any help. We're on the honor system here.

So here are some clues for town name s in our area. The towns could be in either Monmouth or Ocean Counties. That fact and the clues should be all you need, so here we go.

Town #1 clue...Lake Trees

Town #2 clue...Good Bread

Town #3 clue...Where two rivers come together

There you have it. now take your best guess as to the town names, and we'll publish the correct answers tomorrow morning. And remember, no cheating! We know Google knows this. We want to see if you do!

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