We asked you to take a look at a picture to see if you could determine which Jersey Shore road it was. Did you get it right?

There was a big clue to the correct answer right there near the middle of the photo. If you spotted it, it became a lot easier to name the Jersey Shore street. Do you see the sign that was the giveaway?

Look at the center of the photo, and then bring your eyes slightly to the right. Do you see the sign near the end of the green fence. If you did, you found the big clue in this photo.

Princeton Ave zoom

That sign at the end of the fence is the entrance to Windward Beach Park, and if you know that, then you know the Jersey Shore road in this photo must be Princeton Ave, and that's exactly where it is.

Lots of you got this one right, so congratulations on having a good eye and a great knowledge of the Jersey Shore! We'll have another Name The Jersey Shore Road soon!

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