We gave you some historical clues about a Jersey Shore town and asked you what exit on the Garden State Parkway was associated with it. Did you get it?

First of all, let's review the clues in case you missed them the first time around. Check these out to see if you know the town.

When the name of this Monmouth County town was being chosen, Wallmere, Maltra and Shade were some of the names suggested.

This town was once called Ocean Beach and briefly named City of Elco.

This town was once the home of  the Famous Captain Kidd‘s Pavilion and Boathouse.

With just those clues, many of you got it right, and that's a great job because that was a tough one. For those of you who are still stumped, the tow we're looking for is Belmar, meaning the correct Garden State Parkway exit is 98!