At the Jersey Shore we are always on the road. So how well do you know roads around the Jersey Shore?

We live at the Jersey Shore. That means we spend most of our time on the roads. And when we're not on the roads, we're talking about them. If it's not traffic we're complaining about, it's construction, and sometimes it's both.

With all this attention paid to our roads, just how much time are we spending paying attention to the roads we are on? Can you name a well traveled Jersey Shore road with just one picture?

That's what we're going to find out with our latest Jersey Shore quiz. We want to know if you can name the road from just one picture. Look carefully. There is a clue in the photo that's a big giveaway.

So, good luck, and we'll have the official answer for you tomorrow. The clue to the answer is in the photo. Do you see it?

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