Yesterday we tested your knowledge of the Jersey Shore once again and a lot of you proved you know your Jersey Shore stuff.

All we did was give you three clues and asked you to put it all together and many of you did. Let's go over the clues and give you a little explanation of each. the early development of the town, this was one of the big hotels. It's now The Breakers.  

Hastings the area where there was a tragic fire in September of 1900 in this town. The Essex & Sussex Condominiums are now.

Holy Trinity...The Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in town is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Now you have the clues and the explanations so it should be a little bit easier to figure out that the correct answer is Spring Lake. Congratulations if you got it right. If not, you now have some info to impress your friends with at this weekend's Superbowl party.

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vintage Spring Lake photo
Vintage photo of Spring Lake (