We asked you to identify a location in Monmouth County based on what you would see if you were standing there. Let's see how you did.

First, let's recap the things you would see if you were standing at this popular location in Monmouth County.

A clock

Outdoor dining (when the weather is warm)

At least 10 pillars

A busy intersection

To me, the pillars and the clock gave it away, but then again, I knew the answer when I wrote it. If you put all of those clues together and imagine yourself standing there on a spring or summer day, you might hear the cars at the traffic light and the buzz of people eating outside across the street.

And then when you look in another direction you see majestic pillars. Look up and you'll see a beautiful clock. Figure it out yet? So where are you standing? if you said in front of the Hall of Records in Freehold, you got it right!

You can get more on the history of the Hall of Records building at the Monmouth County website.

The Hall of Records in FreeholdLou Russo, Townsquare Media


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