We asked you some Thanksgiving trivia questions, many of them questions that focus on the Garden Sate, and now it's time to answer those questions.

Let's review the questions and get you those answers.

What does “Mary Had A Little Lamb” have to do with Thanksgiving? This one wasn't a Jersey question, but it's a good one. It turns out that one of the people most responsible for getting Thanksgiving to be a national holiday was Sarah Josepha Hale, who also happens to be the author of Mary Had A Little Lamb, according to history.com.

New Jersey is among the top five states for producing what key Thanksgiving dinner item? This one was kind of easy. New Jersey joins Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Oregon and Washington as the top 5 cranberry producing states.

What came first, the first Thanksgiving, or New Jersey becoming a state? The first Thanksgiving was 1621 and of course New Jersey became a state over 150 years later.

What came first, New Jersey becoming a state or Thanksgiving being declared a national holiday? New Jersey was one of the original colonies of course, taking us back to 1776, and the Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving Proclamation was in 1863.