Last week, we gave you a couple of intersections and asked you to identify the town it was in. Now it's time to see how you did.

We are warming you up for an upcoming contest on the morning show, and since you won't have time to look it up on the show, we asked you to not look it up during this online practice round.

So here are the intersections and the correct answers for the town you can find that intersection in. These are pretty tough, and we didn't give clues. During the on air version, we probably will give you some help.

Aurora and Duquesne. More specifically Aurora Dr. and Duquesne Blvd. Those of you in Brick should have gotten this one. It's just south and west of the Brick Blvd. and Cedar Bridge Ave. intersection.

Madison and McCabe. We were talking about Madison Ave. and McCabe Ave. and it's just 3 blocks from the ocean and only 3 blocks east of Main St in beautiful Bradley Beach.

The version of the intersection game on the air will most likely involve local landmarke, so get ready for a pretty easy way yo win. Tune in to me and Liz for all the details including when the contest will begin!

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