We kicked off the weekend last Friday with a live Asbury Park broadcast and another round of Asbury Park Trivia.

The broadcast was a lot o fun and the weekend was amazing. We hope you truly enjoyed a Jersey Shore 4th of July weekend. We certainly deserved it, and we hope you celebrated safely and had a great time.

Now to the business of the Asbury Park Trivia. We asked you some historical questions about the city on Friday. The rules were simple. Take your best guess without Googling any of the answers.

If you were patient enough to wait until we revealed the answers this morning, then you are among the most patient person in a very impatient state. If you didn't, we understand, but we want you to have our official answers anyway.

First, let's recap the questions we gave you on Friday...

Question #1...On September 8th, 1934, a luxury ship, on it's way from Havana to New York caught fire, and beached near Convention Hall. Sadly, 134 people lost their lives in the disaster. What was the name of the ship?

Question #2...508 4th Ave. in Asbury Park is a famous place. It was once the home of a very famous author. He penned the legendary Red Badge of Courage. He also attended the Asbury Park Elementary School for two years. Who is he?

Question #3...This nationally known concert organist was named the municipal organist for  Asbury Park at the new venue known as Convention Hall in 1931. He would perform over 5000 concerts at Convention Hall. Can you name him?

Answer #1. The name of the ship was the the SS Morro Castle, and you can learm all about this tragic event at the Asbury Park Historical Society website.

Answer #2. The answer is Stephen Crane. his home in Asbury is on the national and New Jersey Registers of Historic Places.

Answer #3. The toughest of our questions this round. His name was George Howard Scott and was a mainstay on the Asbury Park music scene.

Thanks for playing along. We'll have the next round of Asbury Park Trivia soon!

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