Just checking...who needs a 4-pound taco in their life?!?!? Apparently we do!  When my 11 year old Fia said she was up for the challenge, Instagram told us there was only one place to go...Tito’s Burritos And Wings!!!! A meal like this is nothing without proof...I introduce to you the taco as big as your head!

Shannon Holly's Daughter Fia Taking On The 4 Pound Taco
Shannon Holly's Daughter Fia Taking On The 4 Pound Taco at Tito's Burritos

Sometimes, you just need a meal worthy of your social media and at Tito's you get just that topped with cheese. Of course my girls are like their mamma and get hot sauce all up and on that beast.  Ahhh so proud!

Tacos As Big As Your Head
Tacos As Big As Your Head At Tito's Burritos

We're not the only ones upping our taco game...people are taking the taco challenge and we're excited to see your video too!  If you are braving this puppy I need receipts!  Send your videos and pics to Shannon@943thepoint.com!

This monster is called the “Fat Amy” you can get it at all four of their locations in South Orange, Morristown, Boonton, and Ridgewood.  It's worth the drive...we've done it twice and I can say there was no to-go box. Yes, this huge taco was enough for all three of us, although my daughter swears she'll work her way up to it. #lifegoals.

What's your favorite taco? Chicken? Beef? Veggie? Say fish and we can't be friends.  I sense a 94.3 The Point family field trip soon! I heard this really cool rumor that Lou Russo is buying.

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