Die hard pizza fans at the Jersey Shore are about to be over-the-moon happy.

There is a new pizzeria that will be opening at 504 Main Street in Asbury Park this Fall and it is called Joe's Rotisseria.

They already have a location open in Roselle Park which has North Jersey residents salivating at the mouth.

One of the most well-known menu items at Joe's Rotisseria is their pizza that has a crust made of garlic knots! (I know...but wait, I am not done)

They also have a signature pie known as the Triple Threat which according to NJ.com, "consists of a cheesy, doughy combination of pizza, Stromboli and garlic knots." 

These are some serious Italian inventions that have me sitting here starving as I sit here and write.

This will definitely bring some hefty competition to Asbury Park and who knows, could become a Jersey Shore must try!

“I just really wanted to be a part of the change that’s going on down there,” owner Joseph Brignoni told APP.com. “There’s nothing down the Shore like my pizza place, and Asbury Park is basically becoming the restaurant capital of the Jersey Shore.”

Take a look at the original article at NJ.com.

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