I'm hungry just looking at this.

Last night when I was trolling TikTok (let's face it, what else do I do?) I came across this account called @njbest_trendy_food - which as you probably guessed from the name, shows off Garden State eateries with super trendy food items. The video you're about to watch below absolutely blew my mind.

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Holy moly - did you know about Joe's Rotisseria? If that food were a man, I'd marry it! Let's talk about the 12-inch Thunder Sticks (essentially foot-long mozzarella sticks). The person who invented them (I'm assuming it was Joe) is a genius. 12 inches of breaded hot cheese? Yes, please.

And now, the piece de resistance - the 2-foot pizza slice with garlic knot crust. That's an entire meal right there, and I'm perfectly okay with that. It's the best of multiple worlds - one looks like it's topped with chicken fingers and french fries, and although I can't quite make out what's topping the other side, it sure looks delicious. And that's not all the mouth-watering specials you can expect at Joe's Rotisseria. The restaurant's Instagram showed off a half calzone/half pizza pie which was chicken parm pizza and Alfredo Chicken cutlet calzone. If there ever was perfection in life, it would be this.




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Hungry for more? How about this vodka sauce and mozzarella sticks pizza with chicken parm slider crust (I drooled a little typing that).

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If you're dying to see what Joe's Rotisseria is all about in person, you can check them out at 504 Main Street in Asbury Park.

H/T: @njbest_trendy_food via TikTok

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