It doesn't look like indoor dining will be happening anytime soon so Jersey Shore towns are doing what they can to adapt.

Asbury Park has just announced that they will be expanding their outdoor dining options in an effort to keep their restaurants afloat as the pandemic drags on.

“If we lose the restaurants and businesses, the central business district or the boardwalk, we lose the city eventually,” said Mayor John Moor. “We could change it down the road to make it seven days."

Every Thursday through Sunday, traffic and parking will be closed starting at 12 PM to make way for more outdoor dining seating on the following roads:

  • Cookman Avenue - from Main Street to Bangs Avenue
  • Mattison Avenue - from Bond Street to Emory Street

IMPORTANT: No through traffic will be allowed through until Monday at 7:00 AM. No exceptions so plan ahead.

Outdoor fun can officially begin at 3:00 PM and must conclude by 10:00 PM.

Local traffic will only be allowed through from 3:00 PM every Thursday to 7:00 PM every Sunday for the foreseeable future on the following roads:

  • Third Avenue - from Ridge Avenue to Langford Street
  • Fourth Avenue - from Ridge Avenue to Langford Street
  • Fifth Avenue - from Bridge Street to Langford Street

Here are some additional rules that have been set by the city so outdoor dining can continue to run as smoothly as possible:

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1. NO skateboards, scooters are bike riding is allowed. If you are traveling with a bike, please walk it. There are bike racks on Cookman Avenue and Main Street.

2. Social distancing and face masks are requires. (Duh)

3. You do not have to wear face masks while sitting at your table or must enter the restaurant. If you get up, however, your face mask must be worn.

4. Alcoholic beverages cannot be brought outside of the dining areas.

A lot of this will be using common sense. Don't congregate...don't get close to other EXTREMELY slow if you are near the downtown area hosting out door dining etc.

The more options for outdoor dining, the better chance our local businesses have of surviving.

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