Attilio's has been a Wall Township staple for almost two decades. Their food is great and I personally think they have one of the best Buffalo Chicken pizzas at the Jersey Shore. Attilio's is located at 1825 NJ-35 in the "Jersey Strong" shopping center.

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I saw something on the Wall Township community Facebook page and I think it's a great thing to share with everyone. The Attilio's owner, Gino, wrote a letter to his customers and the community...

To our Wall Township community and Attilio’s customers -
We want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support and business during these very troubling times. As you all may be aware of, there is a national shortage of workers across all states in this country, especially in the restaurant industry, and unfortunately, our family has also been greatly affected.
We have been fortunate enough to have a very close relationship with Wall High School, and now the Attilio’s family is comprised of eager high schoolers who are able to work a couple of shifts each week in order to help keep the pizzeria open and running as normal as possible. We have been training each of our new employees to the best of our ability with the skeleton crew that we still have standing after such an unprecedented year. As high schoolers, working at Attilio’s is their first experience in the workforce, and while they are not yet familiar with our menu and ever-changing specials, we can assure you that they are in the process of learning and becoming familiar, and we continue to show empathy and patience to these employees as they gain confidence at their first ever job.
We would greatly appreciate it if our Wall Township community, and all customers in general, could have some extra patience with our team so that we can continue to provide you with the best service possible under extraordinary circumstances that are entirely out of our hands. We apologize ahead of time for any mistakes that may arise while placing an order with us, but please know that this is not due to lack of trying or a poor effort on our young waitstaff. We have incredible patience when training our new employees and we want them to feel comfortable, safe, and respected at all times - and we would appreciate your extended patience and kindness as we continue to go forward as the Attilio’s of Wall family.
Grazie, and we hope to see you for dinner!

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I really don't need to write anything else. Gino gave us superb words of wisdom not only for his pizzeria but for all Jersey Shore restaurants. If the service is slow or a little disorganized, WHO CARES! Please have patience, be kind, and respect those who are working to make our day better. We are in this together!

Thank you, Gino! I can't wait to stop by for a slice! - Jimmy G


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