You are NOT going to believe what trendy new menu items Dunkin' is rolling out - they're unlike anything the store has put out before!

Dunkin' knows a good trend when it sees it - Today shared that the coffee chain is now adding avocado toast, matcha donuts, and a blueberry matcha latte to its menu (OMG).

If you've been to any brunch spot in the history of ever, you know that Avocado Toast is a hot ticket item, so it makes sense that Dunkin' wants to get in on the action! Check out Dunkin's description of what you can expect from the delicious breakfast treat:

Dunkin’s Avocado Toast features creamy, mouthwatering avocado spread made with four simple ingredients: avocado, sea salt, black pepper, and lemon juice. This smooth combination is spread out edge-to-edge on Dunkin’s authentic toasted Sourdough Bread, baked from a recipe created especially by Dunkin’ using a true Sourdough starter for a tangy twist that elevates the Avocado Toast. For an extra dash of flavor, the avocado is then topped with Everything Bagel Seasoning which includes sesame seeds, poppy seeds, onion, and garlic.

YUM!!! I know what my new go-to breakfast food will be, it's like a little taste of brunch on the go! Dunkin' says you'll be able to grab the Avocado Toast for $2.99.

Credit: Dunkin'
Credit: Dunkin'

They're also adding matcha donuts and a blueberry matcha latte to the menu. And if you're unsure what matcha is. it's a green tea powder blend (that is absolutely delicious). Here's more about matcha from Dunkin':

Dunkin’s Matcha Lattes and Matcha Topped Donuts feature a high-quality Matcha green tea powder blend, produced in the Nishio region of Aichi prefecture, Japan, where the finest Matcha has been grown for more than 800 years. As compared to traditional green tea, where the tea leaves are steeped or brewed, Matcha is made by stone grinding young green tea leaf buds into a fine powder.


Credit: Dunkin'
Credit: Dunkin'

Other coffee shops have been on the matcha train for years, so I am stoked that Dunkin' has finally gotten on board and that they're getting creative with it! Seriously, my mouth is watering.

Oh and PSSTT: if you're obsessed with their Irish Creme coffee (I totally am) that will be coming back as well! Remember when they took it off the menu a few years ago? I was heartbroken, but am so excited we can get this delicious treat again.

And in case you need a reminder, here's a link to Dunkin' locations in Ocean County!

Will YOU be trying any of these trendy new menu items from Dunkin'?

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H/T: Aly Walansky, Today

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