We have been craving this for sooooo long...a place to be outside, in the warm weather while enjoying actual people and having craft cocktails in style. Now there is a brand new place for that and I must say...I love the name!

Photo credit: Bar Bella Facebook
Photo credit: Bar Bella Facebook

I'm totally an atmosphere girl.  I love being in a pretty place drinking pretty cocktails. It's a hobby of mine, especially in the summer. So when I heard about Bar Bella, a boozy garden oasis, I was all in!  Who wants to go?

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Look at how pretty this space is! It's sunny and shady...so whatever your vibe is, Bar Bella can make the drinks to make you not care either way. They offer an extensive list of liquors, beers, and wines and my favorite delicious original cocktails (I mean that's why we go to these places right ladies?!?!).

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Of course you can still bring your pregnant bestie out with you for ladies night (Christina I'm talking to you) because they serve up amazing mock-tails too!  "Mama Juice" is pineapple, club soda, lime and mint...creation...I don't even have a bun in the oven and I say yes please!

OK so what goes with outdoor, rooftop drinks at dusk?  Live music of course!  There will be live performances hosted at Bar Bella all summer long since they partner with Axelrod Performing Arts Center.  Classy.

This is the outdoor, fresh air, post-covid destination to chill with friends that you've been missing!  It's a great spot for a first date too!  There is plenty of space and there are tables, umbrellas and an eager waitstaff...also, there is so much to do there because there is also a food market there as well. Enjoy and go explore your summer in style!  I'll see you there!  xo

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