According to, we have a new opening coming to the Jersey Shore and it will be the first of its kind.

There's a few pieces to this story so just stick with me.

Google Maps
Google Maps

You know the Barnes & Noble in Commons located in the Holmdel shopping center on Route 35? It is closing.

But before you freak out, just know that this book store is solely relocating.

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The new store is actually going in the space across the street where the Modell's Sporting Goods used to be.

The old store is closing on November 29th. The new store is opening November 30th.

Google Maps
Google Maps

*Fewf* Thank goodness. This means that we won't have to go one day without books, or comics, or the café.

You must be thinking, "We have other Barnes & Nobles book stores at the Jersey Shore?"

This will be the first Barnes & Nobles store with the brand new store design.

"At the core of each redesign is creating a curated, cozy and welcoming space for communities to work, read and browse," the company said in June according to "This includes designing beautiful book rooms finished with new furniture and complementary assortments of stationery, puzzles, toys and gifts for readers."

Google Maps
Google Maps

I am very excited to give one of these rooms a try, to be honest. I am surprised this comfy idea wasn't put into action at Barnes and Nobles a long time ago.

"Your new store will have all the best selection of books, stationary, gifts, games, puzzles and more, including a brand new café," according to their Facebook.

Do you know how perfect that sounds?

I'll get an iced vanilla chai latte, a scone and a Garfield comic book to one of their comfy areas.


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