The beautiful Grenville Hotel & Restaurant in Bay Head has been included on one list of the most haunted hotels in New Jersey.

Let me start by saying Diane and I have stayed there a number of times, as a matter of fact we had our beautiful wedding there, and we have exactly zero ghostly incidents to report. And we absolutely love it there.

But over the years there have been reports of some unusual experiences people have had there, including complaints of kids playing and making noise, when there are no kids at the hotel at that time.

There are also reports of full apparitions and loud noises coming from empty rooms, according to, which lists the Grenville as one of the seven most haunted hotels in New Jersey.

The Grenville has been included in other haunted lists including at and

Is it all true? Is any of it true? Who knows. But this is certainly the time of year you hear all about stories like this. The Grenville is certainly a beautiful building and location in a gorgeous town. The rest we'll leave up to you.

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