If you have followed the story of an amazing little boy nicknamed "Jake the Tank" from Howell, then you know we lost a very special child that has done so much good during his short time on this earth.

Now a new website has made its debut where you can donate all month long for Brain Cancer Awareness month and, in return, get a t-shirt.

100% of the proceeds will go directly to Jake's memorial fund at CHOP to help fund the study where Jake's brain and spine have been donated.

CLICK HERE for the new Be Like Jake website.

Not only will this research hopefully help provide information that could help other kids with brain cancer (it was so unselfish of the family to make this extraordinary donation for pediatric brain research), but, by continuing to spread the word about what little Jake Honig went through during his fight against cancer, his family hopes to raise awareness for Jake Honig's Law, which is still awaiting a state Senate hearing.

(Photo courtesy of Mike Honig)
(Photo courtesy of Mike Honig)

If you haven't heard of Jake Honig's Law, Governor Murphy heard your plea on Jake's behalf when we broke the story about how this little boy was suffering from his cancer treatments and how medical marijuana was the only good alternative for relief, yet our laws made it so difficult for him to get what he needed. The governor invited the Honig family to Trenton to discuss it, and the hope is to make it easier for others who need medical marijuana for relief from their illnesses to be able to access it.

To read all about Jake's life, fight, and legacy, CLICK HERE 


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