Thanks to the outpouring of support you showed for 7-year old Jake Honig of Howell while he was fighting his battle with cancer, Governor Murphy contacted the family and had them in his office yesterday as he signed an important order.

Mike and Janet Honig, along with their daughter Gianna, were invited to the governor's office after Phil Murphy personally called the family last week just days before Jake passed away.

Why did the governor call the Honig family? Because of all of YOU and the power of sharing via social media. You have made your voices heard and have helped influence our government.

Yesterday Governor Murphy signed an executive order telling the state Department of Health and Board of Medical Examiners to come up with ways to expand access to MEDICAL marijuana in our state within the next 60 days!

He wants specific proposals on his desk that he and the legislature can work with to help kids like Jake. The governor says that even though medical marijuana has been legal in our state for eight years, there were too many roadblocks put in place by the past administration.


Governor Murphy specifically talked about selling the cannabis oil (rather than just the flower) rather than forcing a parent to learn how to cook the flower at home to extract the oil...which was one of the concerns that Mike Honig spoke with him about. (The other being that the allowable supply wasn't even enough to cover Jake for ten issue that would have to be approved by the Legislature.)

The governor wants the reviewers of the current program to examine how to make it easier for doctors to join and prescribe marijuana, how to expand the number of dispensaries, how to speed up licensing, and more.

The Governor acknowledges that this could be a way to break the opioid crisis that is devastating our state.

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For information on the arrangements for visitation (open to the public) that is taking place tomorrow (Jan. 25th), plus the selfless act of his family to try and save other kids with cancer, CLICK HERE.

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