Colette Gruber has three boys and two girls and thought she had beat cancer. Until it came back with a vengeance. Now she is fighting for her life.

This beautiful woman was first diagnosed with breast cancer last year right after she turned 40. She was in school at the time to start a new career while rebuilding life for herself and her 5 incredible children as a single mom.

When she was first diagnosed, her treatment was aggressive. Last May she underwent a partial mastectomy and has 12 lymph nodes removed. Afterwards she helped to create awareness about Breast Cancer around her community.

Her family and friends were so happy when she got the news that she was cancer free. She graduated from Surgical Tech school as one of the top students and began her career. And although it's never easy juggling your health, children, and job, she worked hard to do so.

A few weeks ago, Colette began suffered excruciating pain in several areas of her body. She saw her doctor, had some tests, and received awful news. She has Stage 4 Metastatic cancer that has spread to her spine, pelvis, ribs and liver, along with a mass under her armpit.

Her kids are 2-year old Kole, 4-year old Brody, 6-year old Khloe, 11-year old Micheal, and 21-year old Alyssis. Colette has a lot to live for in these children.

Colette has always focused on an active and healthy lifestyle and has motivated others through the years to exercise and eat right. And even during this difficult time she has been an inspiration to many people who know her. She tries to keep up a positive attitude even when faced with such a cancer battle.

Her family, boyfriend, and friends are hoping for the kindness and generosity of others. Colette has faith that she can beat this and her medical team has decided on the cancer treatment she should have. It is very aggressive and the cost is high. She will not be able to work during her treatment and will have to relocate closer to the treatment center with her children.

There is very little time to raise money and the family is asking you to please spread the word to help her. They are hoping she can get the treatment very soon. Any money donated will go directly to her treatment, living expenses for her children, and travel expenses to get to and from treatment.

Her life depends on the treatment and money to pay for it. The family is thanking you for your love and prayers.

CLICK HERE to donate, or, for PayPal, send an email to Colette's cousin for more info.

There is also a Zumba fundraiser coming up at Toms River Fitness on Rt. 37 East in the K-Mart shopping Center on Sunday, April 30th. Doors open between 4 pm and 4:30 pm. The class will be over by 7 pm, $20 in advance or $25 at the door. Featuring some of our area's hottest Zumba instructors including Tara Romano, Gina Cappiello, Paul Lampa, Joanna Cavalcante, Dayna Caswell, and Kerry Guttilla.

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