I did not even know this beautiful place existed!!

Over the weekend, I met up with a friend for coffee and the midway point we both came up with was Holmdel.

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We ended up choosing to go for coffee at a place called Booskerdoo Coffee and the address that came up as 101 Crawfords Corner Rd in Holmdel on Google. 

So off I went!

But when I followed my GPS, I arrived to this huge parking lot and what looked like a massive business office building.


Let's just say it wasn't exactly the coffee shop I was expecting.

"Am I in the wrong place?" I thought to myself.

I decided to roll the dice and walk inside to see if I could find the coffee joint my friend and I had agreed upon.

I discovered one of the most beautiful malls - or "metroburbs" - I have ever seen and it has EVERYTHING.

"Nicole, they can't have everything!"

I'll say this: The adult and little kid in me was jumping for joy as I walked around.

You need to get something to eat? It's here.

Looking to grab a cocktail with the gals? It's here.

Looking to let the kids run around while you enjoy your coffee in peace? It's here!

After talking to some people, I found out that this beautiful masterpiece is called the Bell Works Metroburb and it was once the historic Bell Labs facility.

If I am the last to find out about this, whatever....at least now we all know.

I walked around and took photos to show you everything this place has to offer.

I will first show you some of the unique features of this space and then we'll take a look at the impressive list of businesses who are already open for business.

Let's take a look:

Everything Bell Works In Holmdel Has To Offer

I did not even know this existed and they have EVERYTHING! Italian, Mexican, coffee, a bar, plastic surgeon, dentist, clothing stores, a library and even an escape room!

Freaking awesome, right? That indoor basketball court is no joke. Up for a game of HORSE?

I will also smoke you at ping pong.

Long story short: this place is perfect to utilize during the Winter time. Not only can you shop but you can exercise in a few of the different areas and then eat directly after!

As the development of Bell Works in Holmdel continues, I will keep you updated.

If you have updates, email me at Nicole.Murray@townsquaremedia.com.

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