Another place full of family memories is gone. The good news is that it has relocated!

Strollo's Italian Ice was demolished yesterday. The famous blue and white awning and sign is no longer on the northbound side of Main Street and 5th Ave. in Belmar.

The good news is that the Strollo's owner was lucky enough to secure the building right across the street on the southbound side of Main Street at the same intersection...although it'll take another week or two to get it up and running.

Here's what it looked like right before the demolition.


Still....that 'old' Strollo's held some of the greatest memories for me. From the time my boys were toddlers we would walk or ride our bikes to that Strollo's for some great, homemade Italian ices, sitting on the benches and watching the drawbridge connecting Belmar and Avon go up and down. Dominick operated his Italian Ice shop (independent of the Strollo's Lighthouses you may see in other towns, which are NOT THE SAME) for over 25 years at that location.

So I am sad to see it go...but thankful that we can still look forward to the same owner-operated Strollo's that we love to be serving their most incredibly delicious ices in the bright yellow building on the other side of Main Street right next to Klein's restaurant.

New Strollo's building, photo by Liz Jeressi

Unfortunately, with the sudden move it may take a week or two for Strollo's to reopen, but once it does, you can be guaranteed to see me and my boys there!

From this angle of the demolished building, you can see the yellow building where Strollo's will relocate to, in the background of this photo from my friend Doug. Thanks, Doug!

(Photo by Doug Meyer)
(Demolished building on the left, but from this angle you can see the new yellow building. Photo by Doug Meyer)

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