His name is Prince. Here's what to do and what NOT to do if you see him.

Prince is 10 years old and weighs all of 10 pounds. This sweet animal is skittish, though, so if you see him and call out to him or try to approach him, he will just continue to run. Any loud noise or sudden movement could frighten him into running again.

He has been missing since the Tuesday before last(Jan. 30th), when he escaped from home on North Maple Avenue. He may have been spotted a few times close to home, as well as in the area of Cox Cro Road and Vermont Ave, according to comments on social media from those who think they have spotted this precious dog.

The best thing you can do if you spot Prince is to immediately call his owner, Kim or Vinny LoBello, at 732-814-5321. CLICK HERE for updates or if you want to comment on Facebook through Lost Dogs in Ocean County.

Kim says they have had search and rescue dogs out, volunteers, 500 flyers and posters...but they just can't seem to find him. The last time Prince was spotted was days ago :(

The kids are devastated and didn't go to school for days. Please help Alessia (10), Vincent (15) and Brielle (17) get their dog back...

Thanks so much!


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