Ahh yes! I am writing about food. What else is new?! Seriously, I am on my way to becoming 600lbs. I have to get a grip, but what Jersey Shore restaurants have to offer is too good to pass up. However, I am going on a cruise in a month, so I might have to start eating and writing about salads. Instead of the best chicken fingers in New Jersey, I'll have to write about the best salads in New Jersey.

Come on though, just take a look at these things. You will understand why I am writing about these chicken fingers...

Jimmy G Picture
Jimmy G Picture
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Amazing, right?! What a beautiful picture! These chicken fingers are crispy and filled with flavor. I truly believe they are the best chicken fingers in New Jersey. This is my opinion and I really think you will agree with me once you get the chance to eat them. Maybe you already had the chance to try them.

The other day I was in Asbury Park to see a concert at the House of Independents. I saw a group called Recess Radio. The concert was phenomenal, but the dinner I had before the show was even better.

Before making our way to the concert, we had drinks and ate dinner across the street at the Asbury Ale House. This Asbury Park spot offers one of the best dining experiences in Monmouth County. The drinks, the food, and the atmosphere are all top-notch. Most importantly they are the home of New Jersey's best chicken fingers. Stop in and try them out. I would love to know what you think! COMMENT & SHARE. What other restaurants in the area offer delicious chicken fingers?

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