As if the Giants needed any more bad luck this season, they got a visit from a black cat on the field during last night's game.

I don't know if you are superstitious or not, but when the Monday Night Football announcer noticed the black cat scampering around the field during the game last night, he wondered if it meant bad luck for the Giants or their opponents, the Cowboys last night.

I think any Giants fan knew the answer to that one. At the time of the cat's appearance, the Giants were still in the game, but afterwards, crumbled to a 37-18 pummeling at the hands of the Cowboys, and the cat.

Of course, the Giants had managed to lose their four games prior to this one without any feline support, but the Giants staff was unable to tackle a cat in their own stadium for quite a while. The irony writes itself.

According to CBS News, the stadium staff, which finally got the cat to run down the tunnel off the field, planned on catching it and getting it to a vet for a check up, which is right thing to do, but the cat looked pretty healthy dodging security during the event, although a bit frightened.

But not as frightened as the Giants players were when they looked at the scoreboard at the end of this game. Big Blue is a big bust at 2-7 this year. Ouch.It takes more than a black cat to be that bad.

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