What exactly is a blue law? According to Wiki a blue law is:

a law prohibiting certain activities, such as shopping, on a Sunday.
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So basically, they are silly, old fashioned rules that have us scratching our heads as to why they were ever crafted in the first place.  We have a bunch here in New Jersey and one is crazier than the next. Check out these rules that are rarely enforced but still on the books...not sure where "the books" actually are, but theses are fun to read about anyway!

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It is actually illegal in New Jersey to have custom license plates if you've been convicted of driving under the influence. Imagine having to hand over your JER-Z-GRL status? Oh the wrath of a regular plate...

In Blairstown they say it's illegal to plant trees along the street that "obscure the air."  I have no idea what that means. Do they mean obstruct the view? I hope so because I prefer my air to be obscure thank you very much.

In Haddon Township, it is illegal to annoy someone of the opposite sex. It's really fortunate that my husband and I do not live in Haddon Township because otherwise I would be in the clink so fast it would make your head spin.

Now THIS law has legs. I despise mouth noise. Literally I can't handle hearing people chew.  It flips a switch in me that I can't explain and that I'm not proud of.  So, I fully endorse the blue law that states it is illegal to slurp your soup in a public place in the state of New Jersey. I hope this one gets upheld and that our local restaurants are equipped with handcuffs.

In Trenton, it is illegal to eat pickles on Sunday.  What evil person came up with this? Pickles don't hurt anyone and there is no way I'm eating my sandwich without one. Look at me being all big and bad all of a sudden...taking away pickles is enough to instigate anyone.

Apparently, it is also illegal to toss a rotten pickle into the road in our state's capitol. What's with the pickle fixation? Also, there is no such thing as a bad pickle.

In Newark, it is illegal to purchase ice cream after 6 p.m. without a doctor's note. What that what? A doctor's note? Can  you imagine that phone call..."excuse me, doc can you prescribe me some triple chocolate crunch?

Also, in New Jersey it is illegal for birds to poop on statues, it is illegal for a man to knit during fishing season and it is illegal to wear a bullet proof vest while committing a murder.  Is that to say that the murder part is overlooked if there is no vest?  We are not alone, other states have these wacky rules on the books too. Rest assured, it looks like you'll be in the clear as long as you are not throwing any rotten pickles or slurping your soup in our state lines.

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