Sometimes you hear an amount of money, and you really can't wrap your head around it. For instance, the richest person in New Jersey has a net worth of about $6.1 billion.

Now, we all know what a billion is. It's that amount of money that comes after million, right? It's the measure of money that people feel compelled to say  "with a b" out loud after they say the word, so you don't confuse it with a mere million.

But, beyond that, do we really know, in a practical way what $6 billion really means. I don't think so. I know I don't and I bet you're not 100% sure either. So, today we are going to try to put that huge amount of money into everyday terms we can grip a little easier.

First, the richest person in New Jersey is Millburn's John Overdeck, the founder of Two Sigma Investments, and he's worth $6 billion, according to 24/7 Wall St.. So here are some mind numbing situations to ponder.

If you spent a thousand dollars a a day, it would take you 6 million days to spend all that money. In other words you'd need over 16,000 years to spend all your money, if my math is correct.

If you bought every person in New Jersey a $3 cup of coffee every day, it would cost you over 26 million a day, meaning you could do that for 225 days before running out of money.

If you placed dollar bills end to end, you would have to go 3,070,000,000 feet before you used 6 billion dollar bills. That's almost 31 million trips from Asbury Park to Cape May on the Garden State Parkway.

So, we have concluded that $6 billion is in fact a lot of money. But it's pretty hard to put into words just how much money it actually is. We hoped we helped a little.

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