The average income for the top one percent of New Jersey residents ranks among the highest in all of the nation.

So just how rich are the richest people among us here in the Garden State? Let's start with the average income for the New Jersey folks who aren't included in that top 1%. The rest of us, or the bottom 99% according to The Stacker, is $57,477.

Now let's check the average income for those in the top 1%. That number is a whopping $1,453,741, which is good enough to be ranked 6th highest in the nation, easily topping California, Texas and Florida.

Only 5 states have a higher income among the top 1% and they include New York at #3 with an average of $2,006,632 and Connecticut which ranked #1 with an average of $2,402,339).

For those of us not in that top 1%, we'll just start another week of long hours, bill paying and lottery ticket buying. Hey, you never know!

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