New Jersey is home to 8 billionaires, and the richest among them is hedge fund man John Overdeck who lives in Millburn.

So how much is he worth? It's a number that's very easy to say, but one that is almost impossible to actually fully comprehend. He is worth a cool $5.1 billion, according to Forbes, according to Patch..

It's so easy to say, but it's such a complicated number. Just typing it isn't easy. $5 billion spelled out in zeroes looks like this. $5,000,000,000. Let me put it another way. You'd have to win a million dollar lottery 5000 times to have $5 billion.

Try to grasp this. If you could play the lottery once a week, and you won $500,000 every time you played, it would take you 10,000 weeks to get to $5 billion dollars, or about 192 years of playing weekly to have enough money to match John Overdeck's net worth.

Ready for more? Most people have trouble paying the bills for one home and can only dream about having a summer home. If you had $5 billion, and used it all to buy $250,000 homes, you'd have one primary residence and 19,999 summer homes.

That's 400 homes in each state in America. That's a lot of lawns to mow. And yes, you'd have to mow them yourself. You just spent all your $5 billion on 20,000 homes. That's just bad planning. You might have to sell one to hire a landscaper or two.

Let's try some more realistic items. How about New Jersey's #1 passion, coffee. The price for a Venti Starbucks Iced latte (New Jersey's #1 coffee order Google search) is about $4. (I think we rounded down slightly there for math purposes).

The '$5 billion dollar you' can buy a cup for you and 1,249,999,999 of your closest friends. That's a cup a day for every American for about four days. That's of course for venti. Tall would go much, much further.

We hope this gave you a bit of a better understanding of something called $5 billion. It's probably the closest we'll ever get to it.

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