Bruce took him mom to the Wonder Bar for her 93rd birthday and danced with here there. Now here's another adorable story involving this teddy bear of a rock star and another lucky woman.

As if we don't already love him, Bruce Springsteen is so good at showing us all of HIS love of the Jersey Shore by continuing to hang out here when he has the means to go anywhere in the world.

Earlier this week we told the story of how Bruce was dancing with his mom at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park over the weekend...

...and that led to another Point listener sending in her story of a sweet moment with Bruce.

As Robin Aniboli tells it:

"What started out as a relaxing day in Asbury Park listening to music at Danny Clinch's Transparent Gallery (Danny Clinch happens to be my brother) turned into an exciting day we will never forget.

In true Bruce fashion, he showed up to support a few local artists, incognito and unassuming. At first we were unaware of his presence and then...the ripple effect!

One person started whispering and texting, then another, then another. Before long the room was packed. Bruce graciously provided autographs for all that stood in line and when Danny came up to him with our Mom, Linda, he was so sweet as you can see by this photo.

It was not surprising to hear the story on air by Lou and Liz of Bruce dancing with his mom at the Wonder Bar on her birthday. What a guy. So happy to be a Jersey Shore native!"

Thanks so much, Robin, for sharing this great story, and to you and Danny for sharing this priceless photo!

Robin says Bruce was such a doll, so respectful and kind. And Danny says in the photo caption "Thanks, Bruce, for being so kind to everyone, especially my mom!"

Do you have a story of a Bruce sighting?

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