There are people who travel thousands of miles to fulfill one of the world's top bucket list items, but it's only about 60 miles from us here at the Jersey Shore.

Of course, it's late December so I must be talking about New Years Eve in Times Square, and that's exactly what I'm referring to, and by the way in a recent casual survey, over 90% of Shore residents say they haven't done it yet.

So, why haven't many of us done it? Most people we spoke to cited the immense crowds, safety and the long wait in the cold as the main reasons. Despite that, over half the people we spoke to think about doing it or actually have it on their bucket list.

Diane and I actually did it a few years ago, and it really was an amazing experience. If it were up to me, I probably would have never done it, but since she had it on her bucket list, so we did it.

And it is something I'm so glad I could say I did, but it certainly takes some planning. When I set it up, there were hotels booked on New Year's Eve 5 years in advance. Yep, five years in advance.

But maybe this is your year. If it is, bundle up and have fun. We got lucky, because when we were out there, temperatures were in the 40's, and that makes a huge difference. The Weather Channel outlook for New Year's Eve in Times Square is partly cloudy and an overnight low of 39, and if that's what happens, that's not bad at all.

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