2020 has been a horrible year with Covid-19 and businesses and restaurants (small and big) closing due to the pandemic.

Sorry we are closed sign board hanging on a door of cafe

This year has been challenging for businesses and restaurants because of Covid-19. Here's the list of businesses and restaurants we said, "Good-bye to."

Modell's Sporting Goods

Pier 1 Imports

Bed Bath and Beyond

Charlie Brown's

Dom's Drive-In

Quaker Stake & Lube

Ruby Tuesday

Simply Skin

Victoria's Secret


Some of these stores we grew up with. When Covid-19 hit, I had no clue the impact it would have all over the country, let alone Ocean County.

We are all about shopping "local" and helping out small businesses, the ma and pa's of local businesses need us now more than ever. How are local businesses supposed to make it through such a rough time. I'm not even mentioning salons and gyms in this. Just stay strong, we all depend on you. We will help out as much as we can.

Something else I noticed this year more than ever, empty strip-malls. They just look horrible and it seems they've been empty forever. That's a blog for a different time.

Do you remember these business that closed:

If you know of any businesses that closed, please let me know, I'll add it to the list.

We can only hope 2021 is better for us here in Ocean County and around the country. I hate to see any businesses close. Recently holiday sales were up 3% due to décor and new furniture for the home. So, that's a positive. Let's try to stay positive and we will get through this together. I'm ready for 2021. Happy New Year.


Sue Moll
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