We've been waiting patiently since they broke ground in 2018 in Jackson, right next to Six Flags Great Adventure.

If you're unfamiliar with Adventure Crossing, it will be a massive youth sport and entertainment destination here at the Jersey Shore. Youth sports teams from the Northeast and all over can stay and play for an extended stay.

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Just a reminder when we started talking about this place about three years ago, we couldn't believe it. Two hotels, eight outdoor sports fields, a giant indoor recreational building with a trampoline park, go-kart racing, and so much more.

A couple of things that are being done right now at Adventure Crossing in Jackson:

*A giant warehouse has been built on the property.

*According to Cardinale Enterprises, property managers of Adventure Crossing said recently, "They're fixing the roads around the giant complex.

*A giant parking garage was just approved through zoning. The parking garage would include about 1,100 spaces on about five or six levels.

When I say massive, this place will be massive. Restaurants, an outdoor stadium for events, a giant convention center, several hockey rinks, and so much more are in the future phases of the project.

Cardinale Enterprises is building Adventure Crossing because New Jersey has so much to offer - from Six Flags, close to two major cities Philadelphia and New York City, and the beach. For more information click here.

I'm really excited about this. If you've been over there recently on your way to Six Flags Great Adventure, it's all cleared out and ready to go.

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