The FDA has banned some of the ingredients that are STILL on store shelves. These are cancer-causing and can harm you and your kids!

From M&Ms to Skittles to Twix bars....BEWARE.

If you and your kids enjoy 3 Muskateers, Snickers, Milky Way bars or many of the other candy, chocolate, and gum out there, you should be informed that these products are still on store shelves despite the FDA banning some of the ingredients contained within them.

This warning also extends to some chips and cereals.

Basically anything that has listed in the ingredients the term "artificial flavors."  You see, the government, after being pressured by consumer groups, finally banned some of the cancer-causing substances that only had to be lumped into the phrase 'artificial flavors', but have given the companies using them lots more time to remove those ingredients from the products they are selling.

Some of the companies making these products say they are currently 'in the process' of removing those ingredients, but the bottom line is that the current stuff can remain on store shelves until Oct. of 2020.

But if you would like to read the list of products that one dedicated researcher found, it will blow your mind because it includes many things that you and your kids have probably consumed, and often!

CLICK HERE for all the details. Be informed. It could save your life!









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