If you've never played Cards Against Humanity, well, you should, and now it's easier than ever with a free, web-based version now available!

Cards Against Humanity

CAH is a party game for adults...completely inappropriate adults.

You gather friends around, and in each round, someone will draw a black card from the box with a question/fill-in-the-blank statement on it. Your friends will use one of the ten white cards in their hands to create the funniest response, with the person who drew the black card judging which answer is best.

There are multiple ways to play it, and it winds up being full of over-the-top, 'too soon,' or just downright offensive statements. It's best not to play this game with your overly sensitive or giant dud friends.


The game was created and released under Creative Commons, and if you didn't want to shell out the $25 bucks to buy the game, you were able to print out your own cards from their website. That always seemed like a lot of work though.

If you're like me, both cheap AND too lazy to make my own game, there's finally a solution for us!

There's been a free online version for a while, but it was kind of...buggy and hard to use...and people had a lot of issues with it. The version unveiled today seems to work much better!

You can now go to CardsAgainstOriginality.com, created by designer Dawson Whitfield, and find an online set of the cards, plus the link to send your buddies so they can join your game. You still need to be in the same room as your friends to play, as only the person starting the game will be able to see the black cards, but...it's not like your friends aren't already staring at their phones instead of talking to you anyway!


[h/t Taxi]

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