So apparently there's a Connecticut State Representative who wants to change the day we celebrate Halloween. Now wait, before you yell, 'Blasphemy!', hear this out. It would work the same as Thanksgiving, simply celebrated the last Saturday in October. I think this is a GENIUS idea.

There's nothing better than when Halloween falls on a Saturday. Parents can take their kids trick-or-treating in the light of day, before it gets even colder at night, without having to rush home from work and then hurry back to make dinner or finish homework. And let's be serious -- anyone who's had a candy hangover at school as a kid knows how valuable a Sunday to recuperate from one too many chocolates would be.

Aside from the fact that when October 31st falls midweek, most tend to celebrate it the weekend before anyway. Halloween parades and parties are ALWAYS held the last weekend in why not just make the actual holiday coincide?

(Now, before someone brings it up, I know, Halloween is based on All Hallows Eve, the day before All Saints (or All Hallows) Day, November 1st. People who celebrate Halloween for this reason are not six-year-olds dressing up and looking for candy, nor are they in costume at the local bar.)

So what do you think? Is this a good idea to bring to the Jersey Shore?