There are times in life when you have to publicly own your stuff and this is my time. On Friday after the show, I decided I would do something for me.  I justified it by saying it was "self care" and that I needed the attention so I actually went through with it.

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I cheated on my hair stylist of over three years and got my hair done by someone else at the same salon. Now before you judge me as a human being, you should know that there was initially a reason for this gross betrayal.  I wanted hair extensions and there was only one stylist certified to do them at my local salon. I HAD to go to her to get them. That was six months ago. Now that those things are out of my head, I just didn't know how to part ways with my extension stylist (she was also great at the other stuff) so I simply stayed with her. I was able to dodge my other regular stylist for the last two visits but this time I got BUSTED.

Here's how it awkwardly went down, I’m sitting in the new stylist's chair when my normal stylist sees me, stops dead in her tracks and says, “hey…what are you doing here, we don’t have an appointment today do we?” I’m DYING. I tell her no, I’m here to see Monika. SILENCE. She and I both knew I was cheating on her and I got caught red handed. She asked follow up questions like, "did you not like how I’ve been doing your hair for the past three years?" "Is there anything I can do better?" Then came the kill her with kindness compliments, "well, your hair looks long and healthy! What vitamins are you taking?" I’m still dying.

I proceeded to awkwardly answer her questions and assure her of her many talents and then I explained that she simply did not do hair extensions and since that was what I had for the last six months I started seeing another stylist. She then probed a bit, "Yeah but they're out now right?" I hung my head in shame, "yes, they're out now."

At this point, I should be going back to my original stylist but I have no idea how to do that. I told her I was sorry and she said it was “no problem” in that high pitch sort of way that said it was a huge problem and that my Jersey loyalty card was in serious question. How do I leave the other girl now? Either way I’m upsetting the apple cart.

I know these are first world problems, I get it but I hate hurting people's feelings!  I swear this stress is going to send me to Amazon to just buy a Flowbee! I have NO IDEA how to handle these situations. Ladies, you know how hard it is to find your perfect salon and this place is AH-MAY-ZING…I don’t want to go somewhere else.

On my way out, I made some more small talk but it was chilly. I left my current stylist a good tip…but what do I do next time?  Why do I care what people think so much??? Maybe hairstylists don’t think of this as cheating at all and it’s just in my head? Can you email me your thoughts especially if you are a hairdresser? I need to know what to do!  With all this stress my hair just may fall out and I won't have to worry about it at all.  LOL. www.Shannon@943thepoint.com

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