Not sure how big of a surfing session these two thought they'd be having in North Wildwood, but a few dolphins dropped in and decided to make it a party.

Photos have begun making their way around social media that were taken by Dennis Dool, an employee of North Wildwood Recreation and Tourism, showing a dolphin pod that decided to hang ten with two surfers in North Wildwood this week. What an experience! Even more pictures were captured by some lifeguards of the organization that prove the dolphins didn't stick around for just one ride, either.

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Nope. As a a matter of fact, they hung out in the vicinity of the two surfers for quite some time. They were clearly comfortable in the surfers' presence, as well, since the pictures look like they feature some dolphins that are still pretty young. Seeing one dolphin while you're surfing in South Jersey isn't probably too rare. Having an entire pod hang out with you while you surf, though? That's a different experience entirely.

Pretty wild, huh?

Imagine the thoughts of the folks working for the North Wildwood Beach Patrol that day? Luckily, by the looks of the pictures, it seems like they didn't urge the surfers to get out of the water or anything. To be honest, it doesn't really seem like the situation was dangerous in any way. After all, it's not like their sharks. Still, they're wild animals, so anything can happen. However, this is, for sure, a moment these two surfers nor the three people snapping pictures from the shoreline will EVER forget.

Check out the pics below:

Source: Facebook

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