This is the reason we love doing what we do, and why we shouldn't take for granted that we get to live at the Jersey Shore year-round!

Here's what Rick Selover had to say:

"I had to take a moment to express my gratitude for something -- but first, some context.

My name is Rick and I am a middle school administrator and a lifelong resident of North Brunswick. My family and I are loyal listeners. Five generations of my family have had vacation homes in and around Lavallette. At one time, 10 branches of my family owned summer homes here.

Thanks to technology, we are able to tune into you all day, even up north. And you all are truly exceptional at what you do. Besides that, you provide an important service to people like me. See, in the summer, you all set the table for good times at the shore. But, perhaps more importantly, during the off-season you provide a lifeline to the shore for people like me who do not live there year-round. I can't tell you all what a nice aesthetic that is.

In the dead of winter, hearing what is going on down here is like a tonic for the soul. I don't know if that makes sense or if you have been told that in the past, but it is certainly how we see it.

So thank you all very much. This week, my kids and I are off, so we are in Lavallette watching everything start to yawn and stretch down here. Good times.

Thanks again and keep it up -- you all have a good thing going. Time to go wax the boat."

Thanks so much, Rick, for allowing us to share this letter.

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