The answer to most New Jersey questions is 'coffee', so the results of our 'must have pumpkin flavored' items is no surprise to any of us.

But, when you break it down and realize how many people at the Jersey Shore are willing to give up pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving for their pumpkin spice coffee, it really sheds a new light on the debate.

In an informal survey, we asked Jersey Shore residents to pick a pumpkin or pumpkin-flavored item that they would choose for the whole season, knowing they could not have any of the other items on the list for the whole season.

A full 87% said they would pass on the pumpkin oatmeal, Spam, nuts, cereal, cupcakes and dozens of other pumpkin items to have their pumpkin spice coffee. That's understandable.

But that huge majority also were willing to skip that huge hunk of delicious pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving to secure their pumpkin coffee. It 's surprising, but it does remind me of the time I saw a huge line at Starbucks at Freehold Raceway Mall while, at the same time, no one was on the Santa Claus line.

Santa at Freehold Raceway Mall
Santa has a big wave for Point listeners! (Lou Russo, Townsquare Media)

Maybe we have to start taking a hard look at our priorities, people! For the record, only people who drink pumpkin-flavored coffee were polled.

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