Pizza is probably one of the best foods of all time. Even when it's bad...IT'S GOOD! (Especially during sports seasons!)

So naturally such a well-known food will come along with some rules that have developed over time. It's better that I warn you now because you don't ever want to be that person.

1. Follow the Slice Marks

Don't be that guy to take extra cheese or extra toppings off of another slice that you have no claimed. NOT COOL!

2. Keep Fruit Out Of Here

No....just no. And if I have to explain why then there's the door.

3. Keep It Crispy Baby

Pizza is so much more satisfying when you hear that crunch with every bite.

4. Thin Crust

What are you supposed to do with a one inch thick piece of dough that has nowhere near enough of cheese or sauce? Yea, that's what I thought.

5. Reheat Leftovers In Oven

Have you ever tasted the difference? Don't ever waste a slice of pizza by heating up in the microwave you animal.

6. Avoid The Seasonings

Just ask the Italians. It ruins the pizza.

7. Share

Listen, those large and legit slices on the boardwalk are not cheap. So spread the wealth when with friends and family so we all get a taste of the greasy goodness.

8. Eat With Your Hands

Put the knife and fork down. Pizza is not for the five-star classy folk.

9. Eat From Point To Crust

What kind of crazy psycho eats the crust first?! What do you want to eat when you think of pizza? Sauce and cheese so guess where you should start -- at the point!

10, Tip The Delivery Boy

Your pizza could arrive cold. It could have been held unbalanced so there is more cheese and toppings on one side than the other. Tip the guy when he safely arrives because your night would have taken a quick nose dive if he hadn't.

Did I miss one? Comment Below!

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