Writing articles like this one is why I greatly appreciate the job I have. I am thrilled to be informing you about Compassion Cafe! This cafe is a registered non-profit in southern Ocean County and the goal is to provide meaningful employment for people with disabilities. While partnering with local businesses, Compassion Cafe will offer part-time summer employment in an easy-going coffee shop setting. Simply expect the future of Compassion Cafe to be nothing short of amazing!

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The nonprofit was founded by Sue Sharkey and her niece, Erin Sharkey. Sue is a resident of Beach Haven and that is where Compassion Cafe will hit the ground running this May. The non-profit's first location ever will be at Barry's Do Me A Flavor on Centre Street. The cafe will operate inside Barry's weekday mornings besides Friday from 7-11 am. Expect Compassion Cafe to be serving bagels, pastries, quiche, coffee, and tea. They will also make homemade dog treats! (KEEP SCROLLING FOR MORE)

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It's important to highlight the ladies who created this wonderful non-profit! From the Compassion Cafe website, Sue Sharkey is a retired Southern Regional High School health and physical education teacher where she worked for over 30 years. A proud 1976 Beach Haven Elementary School graduate, she enjoys tennis, biking, "fixing things," and spending time with her three grown children and granddaughter. Sue resides in Beach Haven and Manahawkin, NJ with her husband, Paul.

Erin Sharkey works as a BCABA and is an entrepreneur and business owner. She enjoys running, fitness, traveling, and advocating for others. Erin lives in Manahawkin, NJ with her daughter, Amaya.

It truly is a heartwarming concept and I wish Compassion Cafe tremendous success this May! I can't wait to make a trip to Barry's Do Me A Flavor to meet all of the great workers!

p.s. If you are interested in volunteering, check out the Facebook post below:

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