Sales of this instrument are going down...and a popular store that sells them is fighting to stay alive.

Guitar Center has been around for close to 60 years, but hasn't been in Monmouth County for very long, comparatively speaking.

My son has loved hanging out in this great store in the Seaview Square Shopping Center in Ocean Township.

It is a haven for musicians of all kinds....they carry everything from guitars to mics, keyboards to drums, recording equipment to every accessory you could ever need as a musician.

They also offer classes and workshops, and their salespeople are musicians who can offer advice on just about anything that has to do with making music.

That's not to say that I don't love and support locally-owned music shops as well, because we adore those, too, and frequent them often, but Guitar Center is a nice gathering place for musicians and it would be sorely missed by many in our community should it ever close.

Even though interest in music itself has never been higher, the Gibson guitar company is struggling with sales as trends emerge in the digital and rap genres where keyboard effects and laptops are used to make music.  Sales of 'traditional' instruments may not be enough to keep Guitar Center open.

Both Gibson guitars and Guitar Center are said to be at risk for bankruptcy. So let's all go out and support music and learning to play instruments!!! Maybe it'll help :)



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