This may be a sensitive topic that many of you may not agree with me on but here it goes.

Over the past few months, the eligibility requirements for those who can get the COVID-19 Vaccine have loosened little by little.

First it was front line workers only, then those who were 65 years old and older....and you get where I am going with this.

In addition, more and more retailers are jumping on the bandwagon and will soon or already offer appointments for the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Doctor in blue rubber protective gloves putting an adhesive bandage on young woman's arm vein after blood test or injection of vaccine. First aid. Medical, pharmacy and healthcare concept. Closeup.

Not to mention, we have those mega vaccination sights that can care for hundreds if not thousands of New Jersey residents in a single day.

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But you want to know what I recently found out? People are lying about their health status in order to cut the line and get a COVID-19 Vaccine NOW!

If you have a job that makes you eligible ….I am not talking to you. You work where you work and therefore you earned it.

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But a neighbor of mine was telling me about a friend of hers who lied saying she had one of the pre-existing conditions that makes her more vulnerable. This person is 100% healthy and not at high risk.

In addition, this friend reached out to my neighbor and offered to try and lie for her as well so she could get the vaccine.

She said no out of good conscience and I could not be more proud of her.

So now I have a message for those of you who are lying and cutting the line to get your vaccine.

#1 - I think you know what I am going to say.

While you are cutting the line for your vaccine so you don't have to wear a face mask, an elderly person or someone who actually has an underlying health condition is being forced to wait for a vaccine they desperately need much more than you.

You being "over the quarantining" does not top someone not being able to leave their house because they have asthma. That one day or week this person has to wait because you took their appointment could be the difference between life, hospitalization and death.

#2 - Yes, all of us will eventually get the vaccine. I know you must be thinking, "then what is the big deal?"  This is such bad ju-ju. Karma will get me. Where is your integrity?

So am I over quarantining? Yes.

But will I be lying to get my vaccine? Absolutely not. Never. I just can't....and I hope you follow suit.

We will not get through this pandemic by being selfish people!!

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