I think these are three of the worst. And here's why.

Some parking lots are really challenging. Here are three that I think need a bit of improvement.

1. Brick Plaza. I actually saw someone get hit by a car in this parking lot. When it's crowded here, especially in front of the Barnes and Noble, many times I see drivers more intent on finding a parking space than watching the crosswalks. There are so many people crossing at the designated crosswalks, but the drivers want those spots out from of B&N and just don't pay enough attention to the people trying to cross!

2. CVS Manasquan. I am only surprised that there aren't even more accidents involving pedestrians, cars, and bikes here...or, God forbid, the train! This parking lot is directly next to the train tracks, it's very difficult to see whether there are people walking on the sidewalk or riding a bike (both quite popular in that neighborhood) while you're trying to pull out of the lot onto East Main Street. And sometimes you have to slow down on the train tracks while you wait for a car or person to clear the parking lot entrance so that you can pull in. At least if they trimmed down the bushes surrounding the parking lot entrance you'd be able to see the pedestrians and bike riders on the sidewalk/street.

3. Shop Rite in Wall. They really should figure out a way to redesign the store entrances. I know they just renovated the inside part of the entrance, but there is so little room for people to cross from the entrance/exit into the parking lot without cars going way too fast that have entered the lot from Rt. 34 that you better hope you don't get hit. And if you are trying to negotiate your shopping cart from the store exit to the parking spots between the wall of the store and route 34, you have to take your cart into the parking lot street because there is no room to stay on the sidewalk as you get around the building, and, even if you could, there is no ramp to get your cart down off the sidewalk.

What are the worst parking lots you have dealt with?

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