Newsflash: You are NOT stronger than the ocean.

Not one, not two...but THIRTY FIVE people had to be pulled from the ocean in Belmar alone over the weekend. In fact, here were rescues up and down our Monmouth and Ocean Shoreline all weekend.

Unfortunately, not everyone was lucky enough to be rescued. Two people drowned over the weekend -- one woman in Seaside, and one man in Long Branch. CLICK HERE for details.

Yes, it's hot and sunny. Yes, it would be a great beach day IF there were (more) lifeguards on duty.

But you can keep up your tan and lay out in the sand without risking your LIFE to take a dip in the ocean when we have been warning you daily about all of the rip current risks.

It doesn't matter if the hurricanes are 600+ miles from our shores...they are causing MAJOR rip currents and extremely rough surf and strong, high wave heights.

This week will be no better. We have three more days of summer weather, BUT Hurricane Maria is south-southeast of our shore and ringing in some very big waves and strong rip currents.

Be careful. Even wading can be dangerous. It's just not worth your life.


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