Before I highlight the Jersey Shore's Top Talent, I want to give a shout-out to everyone who participated. It truly has been a pleasure recognizing local musicians, singers, artists, and fire breathers....yes, there was a fire-breather highlighted in the competition! Thousands of votes were tallied and it's safe to say each talent brought something special to the competition. For many of the talents, the Jersey Shore's Top Talent competition is just the beginning of a successful future. "Never give up on your dreams, because you just might be the greatest they have ever seen!" 

So who received the most votes?! Who is the Jersey Shore's top talent?!

Drum roll, please.....

A HUGE congratulations to Debra Canale! SHE IS THE JERSEY SHORE'S TOP TALENT. Debra is from Medford, New Jersey but she spends a ton of time on Jersey Shore beaches. Debra is honored to be Ms. Senior New Jersey 2019 & 2020. At the age of 60, she began practicing pole sports, which is also known as poling. This sport merges dance and acrobatics using a vertical metal pole. Debra is able to climb, spin from, hang off, flip onto, jump off and invert on poles. Now, I know what you are thinking... so I made sure I interviewed Debra. It was a great interview and I had a blast getting to know the Jersey Shore's Top Talent! LISTEN BELOW:



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Congratulations once again to Debra Canale she is the Jersey Shore's Top Talent! WATCH DEBRA PERFORM HER TALENT BELOW:

Debra Could One Day Make The List! Famous NJ people from A to Z (almost)


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