If you haven't heard about the amazing story of how the organization One Life 2 Love began and the amazing woman who literally dropped everything to get it started, then you'll want to keep reading.

I first heard about One Life 2 Love when our friend Mary Jodry decided to turn her birthday party into a fundraiser.  And the more I learned about how it all began, the more amazed I was.

We recently had the opportunity to spend some time with the founder and CEO of One Life To Love, Courtney Deacon-LaLotra. She is the woman who literally dropped everything in her world to head to India to help abandoned special need kids.

Please take a minute to watch the video of our interview with Courtney here at the Point studio, but also check out the attached videos that will really give you a glimpse into this unbelievable story.

In the few minutes I spent with Courtney, it was clear to me the passion she and the people around her have for their mission, and I'm guessing as soon as you know the story, you'll want to help any way you can.

One Life 2 Love is a refuge for abandoned and orphaned children in India, and you can read all about it at the One Life 2 Love website.

Here's an awesome documentary about to learn how this great group is helping some amazing kids.

And for more info and video's about One Life 2 Love, please visit their Facebook page.

Courtney Deacon-LaLotra Visits The Point Studio


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