The most beautiful small town in each state has been named by a national publication, and once again, it's a town that's far from Monmouth & Ocean Counties.

It has happened again. I have said many times that when it comes to these 'most whatever town in each state' reports that we all see floating around online all the time, the Jersey Shore does not get the love I think it deserves.

This time around, it's House Beautiful, and they named each state's most beautiful small town. For us they chose Cape May. Let me start by saying Cape May is an excellent choice and a small town.

So, what's my problem then? My problem is it always seems to be Cape May, and I just think once in awhile it would be nice for someone, somewhere to celebrate the other amazing small towns  in New Jersey.

I'm specifically speaking about those gorgeous little Monmouth & Ocean County towns that we love so much. The Avons of the world. And how about Ocean Grove and Spring Lake?

Have they ever heard of Manasquan or Bay Head? And then there's Brielle, and what about Point Pleasant, Red Bank and Little Silver? These are all amazing towns certainly worthy of some consideration, and just a sample of what Monmouth & Ocean Counties have to offer..

Again, Cape May is one of my favorite places in the state, so nothing against it, but once in a while it would be nice to hear about another deserving town.

Come on guys, try to look past Cape May, take a trip north on the Garden State Parkway and check out some of the other amazing small towns in the Garden State. You'll love them, too!

Having said that, we love you Cape May, and congratulations...again.

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